Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Great Game but takes up 14GB+.
Review By Echo007

Ah, yes, the new flight simulator is finally out. I have always been a fan of flight simulators and airplanes. The first flight simulator I got was MFS2004. That game was excellent. The graphics were superior and so was the game play. The sound of taking off actually sounded real. Microsoft Flight Simulator X (MFSX) is a very good game with some minor problems that could be fixed soon, but when I heard that a new MFS game was coming out, I just had to get it. Well, here is the load down of how fine (or appalling) this game really is.

GRAPHICS: I give this a 10 whereas some people may not. It all depends on your computer. I will tell you right now you will need a computer that is near top quality to see the full effects of this game. Textures in this game are better than that in Microsoft Flight Simulator yet not completely perfect, but the clouds are magnificent. I mean it actually feels like you are flying through clouds; however, the only thing is this game is a whopping 14GB+. The only reason why I take a point off is because most of the people out there who want this game are not going to have computers that can handle all of the bars set on ultra high. All in all, the gameplay in MFSX is in my opinion superb (of course that is if the frame rate gets above 25fps).

GAMEPLAY: The controls in this game are pretty basic, but if you really want to learn everything this game has to offer, well then, it gets a little complex. MFS is an easy game to learn if you have the patience and time. If you are new to the MFS series, I doubt you will be able to land a jet in one piece on realistic difficulty settings. Learning to fly in MFSX is the same as in MFS2004. The same guy gives you a step-by-step process of what to do and you do it. In the deluxe edition of MFSX you get a few extra planes (+20 missions) and you can be in the tower directing traffic. In single player, you can free flight which means you can travel anywhere in the world or you can play the missions to unlock awards for bragging rights. The missions are pretty fun, some are short, and some are long. Some other new features are that when you are in the virtual cockpit it actually moves depending on where the throttle is set. If you add thrust, you actually move back, and when you slow down you move forward. Another cool feature, which was also in MFS2004, is the ability to download real weather. That is always cool if it is a nice day for flying or a real nasty storm is occurring in your area. I would say one of the coolest features in this game, is the fact that everything around you virtually comes to life. When you are at the gate, the gate actually moves up to your plane, a gas truck arrives to refuel your plane (you also drop fuel while flying), and you can call luggage trucks to load or remove bags. The gameplay had really improved since MFS2004. If you have a mediocre computer you may not get all of the new effects, but you will notice an improvement.

SOUND: The sound/music in MFSX is greatly improved since any of the MFS games. There is now music when you are selecting your flight or mission and you can change it in the options menu. The sound effects in the game are phenomenal as usual as it actually does (with the volume turned up quiet a bit) feel like you are taking off or landing or just taxiing. I like it when you are gliding, and you dive downwards and you can hear the wind rush past you. The sound effects have always been good in the MFS and the music is a pleasant addition too.

REPLAYABLE: I find that this game is one of those games where you play it a lot then you don’t play it at all for a little while and then you pick back up again. I have lots of fun when I play this game and no one can say I have completed the entire game. If you hate the actual flying part (who would) you can speed up time using time compression to get there faster. There are so many airports, so much scenery, and so much land and water to cover that it is nearly impossible for anyone to see absolutely everything that this game has to offer. Every few weeks, I discover some new things myself.

OVERALL: This game is a great game, you will surely enjoy it; the only thing is and I cannot stress this enough is that a decent computer will be needed to enjoy the things this game, Microsoft Flight Simulator X has to offer.



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