Pokemon Y

Another Excellent Victory by GameFreak.
Review By Ghost_tails

Pokemon X and Y took the standard Pokemon games we all know and love and filled it with beauty and life. The 3D graphics are excellent, finally rectifying the problems occurring with 2D sprites in a 3D world. Several new mechanics make the game far more engaging, providing character customization, worldwide connectivity, and the famed Mega Evolution.

The game can be played with either th

e circle

pad or the d-pad found on the 3DS. After reaching a certain point, the circle pad becomes used for roller blades, which increases the speed of your character. While those who mostly use the d-pad may have difficulty with this, it seems to be an overall easy transition. The PSS (Player Search System) displayed on the bottom screen allows you to connect with people nearby, or all around the world via the internet. Connecting to the internet will show you which of your friends are online and show a list of people around the globe currently playing. You can interact with them by battling, trading, or sending them boosts known as O-Powers. You can also chat with people in your friends list using Game Chat, though this system does not work especially well with poor internet or over long distances. After reaching a certain point, you will be able to record a Trainer PR video, which is a ten second video created by showing your character and up to one Pokemon in your party with various camera angles, poses, sound and visual effects, and music.

You can also request to see the videos of people that appear on the PSS. Another new mechanic is known as Super Training. Pressing the left arrow at the top of the bottom screen will take you there, where you can see the EV values of your Pokemon. In short, EV’s are bonuses earned in battle or by vitamins that boost the various stats of a Pokemon. There is a limit to how many can be earned. The Super Training screen will tell you if the Pokemon has reached this limit. You can also play a mini game to gain more EV’s. Pressing the right arrow at the top of the screen while on the PSS will take you to Pokemon Amie, where you can play with the Pokemon in your party.

You can pet them, play mini games, and feed them. Each of these actions will increase their Affection to you. High Affection brings many bonuses in battle, such as a boosted critical hit ratio, the chance to dodge moves or cure status changes, boosted experience gains, and the ability to pet your Pokemon after knocking an opponent out. These bonuses do not apply in online battles or in a few organized battles within the game. Other features are the Wonder Trade (A random trade system), the GTS (Global Trade System for trading Pokemon around the globe), and Pokemon Bank (an online Pokemon Storage system yet to release, expected around December 25th, 2013, and costing $5 per year).

The story was a little disappointing, but that wasn’t a large problem as the story wasn’t the important part of the game. A high point for the game is that it does not shove the story in your face until you need to resolve the climax. Team Flare, the resident evil team of the Kalos region, seems at first to be harmless and annoying. Their goal is unclear for most of the story, causing the grand reveal closer to the climax to fall a little flat. I personally did not especially enjoy the story, though it did have some interesting twists and schemes that I did enjoy. Upon completion of the story, the two main objectives remain as they always have: Become the Champion and complete the Pokedex.

The new Pokemon games make leaps and bounds in their graphical quality. The biggest difference is the total conversion to 3D, which allows for dynamic camera angles. While the shifting camera does sometimes make it difficult to control your character properly, it is seldom an issue outside of the large central city known as Lumiose. The rendering of the Pokemon themselves is positively gorgeous, giving most of them a soft look. The animations make the game seem alive, with several animations for each Pokemon that are played when attacking and when hit. The music is overall pleasing, with few original tracks aside from city themes. Most of the music is remixed from the music used in previous games.

It did not take me very long to complete this game (which I define as becoming the Champion for Pokemon games), taking approximately 10 to 12 hours of play time over a week or so. Completing the Pokedex takes a lot of dedication, as usual, but is made somewhat easier by the Wonder Trade and improved GTS, speeding up the process rapidly. The EXP. Share item also speeds up gameplay, giving all Pokemon involved in battle 100% of the experience normally gained in that battle and all other Pokemon in your party 50%. This item can be turned off, however, making the difficulty a little adjustable.

As with all Pokemon games, there is a good deal of replay value. While the story cannot take many different turns, gathering Pokemon and earning badges holds a power for gamers of all ages. The overarching story may never change, but the story you tell about your own character changes drastically with each play. After the release of Pokemon Bank, it is expected that replay value will increase, making it possible to store your Pokemon in an external location before restarting without mindlessly gathering junk Pokemon to trade. There is little in the way of postgame content, which is a flaw for the Pokemon series. With only a sidequest of sorts and some battles here and there to entertain you, those not enthralled by the world and spirit of Pokemon will become bored quickly.

For lovers of the Pokemon series, these games are a must. For those not yet introduced to the Pokemon world, I would personally recommend starting with the Generation 2 remakes, Heartgold and Soulsilver, moving on to X and Y afterward. This is merely for introductory purposes however, so if you don’t want to spend that much, getting X or Y first should be fine. Those that enjoy RPG’s, connectivity and interaction, collecting, and battling will adore these games. I absolutely recommend purchasing this game.



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